Our vision: a vibrant, growing community.


Our small school gave our children and future leaders a sense of identity, and all of us a strong collective spirit. It was closed in June 2015. This broke our hearts but not our spirits. By transitioning the River John School to a intergenerational community H.U.B model, we will keep our children inspired right here at home—and we'll forward our health and wellness as well as a bright future for all.



The River John Support Our School ( SOS) was a grassroots community of parents and concerned citizens in River John, Nova Scotia who worked for over two years on a groundbreaking H.U.B. vision to save, support and sustain their community school as it changed and grew into a vibrant future.  Their efforts were met with political indifference and a deeply flawed process which is now a matter of public record.

The result was a missed opportunity for small rural schools and this long established school closed in June 2015.  

Not wanting to dwell on the negative, the setback galvanized this resilient community. The initial 17 member SOS group has evolved into a larger group working under the umbrella of the River John Community Action Society.

  In 2016, the community will seek to find ways to  keep and repurpose the school building and make it the community H.U.B. for all ages it has always been--one they need, one they have worked for and one they deserve. Through innovation, social entrepreneurship, asset-based economic development, collaboration and "imagineering":      

River John will be a living, learning village continuing to grow a vibrant future for all members of their community despite whatever demographic, geographic, economic and political challenges they face.   Read Our Story →

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